JQuery custom event dispatching and listening using trigger and bind

Today i create a simple application in which there are 3 text field and a submit button, submit button should be disabled until there is no text in input fields so i use JQuery’s trigger method to trigger custom event with some additional parameters( for R&D only)   and JQuery’s bind function to bind a function, which will be called when an  event triggered, We can bind more then one events to a single function

<!DOCTYPE html>
	<script type="text/javascript" src="../day2/jquery-1.6.1.min.js"></script>

		function enableSubmit()

		function disableSubmit()

		$(document).bind('A_CHANGE B_CHANGE C_CHANGE', function(e,param1,param2) {
			$('#debug').html("DEBUG ::"+e.type +", "+param1+ ", "+param2);
			if($('#a_txt').val() != "" && $('#b_txt').val()  != "" && $('#c_txt').val() != ""){
			} else {

		$('#a_txt').keyup(function() {

		$('#b_txt').keyup(function() {
			$(document).trigger('B_CHANGE', [$(this).val(),["a","b","c"]]);

		$('#c_txt').keyup(function() {
			$(document).trigger('C_CHANGE', [$(this).val(),{a:"one",b:"two"}]);

	  <input id="a_txt"/>
	  <input id="b_txt"/>
	  <input id="c_txt"/>
	  <input id="submitBtn"  type="submit"/>
	  <div id="debug"></div>

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